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Summer 2019: Island Life

Much of my summer in 2019 will be spent playing open air day parties. What a welcome change for a DJ who lived the last 20 years playing house & techno in nightclubs! I've always been a fan of recorded music, obsessively collecting records and tracks, and these parties are allowing me to flex that side. Funk, soul, dub, groove, beats, motown, disco, and on. Appropriate vibes for your day of leisure.

No studio tan for me this summer, I'm reconnecting with the surf and the sand. You should too.

Summer Decks @ Dreamland. Nantucket, MA [Weds, 07/17]
Bearmania Pool Party @ Provincetown Inn [Thurs, 07/18]
Gurney's Star Island. Montauk, NY [Sun 07/04; 07/14; 07/28; 08/04]

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